The Purpose

Removing the stigma to mental health is a crucial step for us to move forward as a society.  Our job as professionals is to help make that happen.  To do so, requires education, both for those who receive mental health treatment at any level as well as to help the broader population understand the nuances of mental health.

The Story

Being a professional counselor alone is not enough to have started this journey.  I found a passion for helping people better themselves physically as well as mentally and emotionally, after having gone through a transformation myself.  The beautiful thing is that the longer I work at strength training, the better I think I become as a version of myself.

Meet the Team

David Cogdell



David is a Licensed Professional Counselor who at one point weighed over 300 pounds.  In the pursuit of becoming healthier, David lost over 100 pounds and discovered a love for strength training.  That ongoing pursuit of strength has helped him find his voice to be a better partner, father, son, brother, friend, employer, employee and overall a continually improving version of himself.

Next Steps…

You are invited to reach out and connect with any questions, comments, or feedback you have.

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